Sunday 2 December 2018

Buenos Aires day 2

A lovely day today where we wandered around Buenos Aires. 
Firstly we went to a bookshop for a cup of coffee. But this was no ordinary bookshop - it used to be a beautiful theatre called the Ateneo Grand Splendid. 

We had our drinks at the front of the stage with great views of the shop floor and the Royal boxes nearby. 
We then went to the Recoleta Cemetery with its huge memorials to famous and rich Argentinians. 

I liked this small tribute to a lady and her dog who died much more recently than most in 1970.
The most famous plaque is for Eva Peron, Evita, although it is very small and crowds of tourists queued to have their photo taken in front of it. 
Next was a trip to see the Floralis Generica which is a giant flower weighing over 18 tons. It opens up in the day and closes during the night. 

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