Tuesday 27 November 2018

Buenos Aires

Our ship arrived yesterday and we are staying in Buenos Aires for a couple of days.
We are in a good central area and have walked for miles today. 

Apparently Argentina is thinking of bidding for the winter Olympics in Patagonia so they have put some Olympic rings up in their main Boulevard, called the 9th July. 

It is 12 lanes wide and divided into four sections so it is takes ages to get from one side to the other. 
We also walked past all of the main sights including the world famous Opera House, although there is no show on this week. 

We found the port area and enjoyed a beer overlooking the modern bridge and a great sailing boat. 

On Friday Buenos Aires is hosting a G20 summit and the whole city is getting ready to shut down while it is takes place. It is going to be a public holiday, the subway is shutting and apparently even the airport will be closed, but hopefully our flight on Saturday won't be affected. 

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