Tuesday 20 November 2018

Five days at sea

We have sailed from the Canary Islands to the tip of Brazil over the last five days, and now we are here I don't know where the time went.
I have taken a few photos to try to sum it up. 

This is the low tech map near to the reception desk with a tiny red boat showing our progress. 

Frigate birds that hovered overhead for the last two days. I actually saw a seagull catch a flying fish and then get attacked by a frigate bird who terrified it into dropping the fish and then ate it himself. Exciting bit of nature there. 

Crossing the equator ceremony which involved a lot of splashing about, kissing an octopuss and having tomato sauce poured on their heads. We carefully kept our distance on this one. 

Sitting in the bar with a bottle of wine listening to our favourite tango band. 
Onwards now to Brazil. 

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