Saturday 10 November 2018


We started the day with a longish run around the coast of Cadiz. Cadiz used to be a small island, but it is now connected by a causeway and a couple of bridges to the mainland and I was hoping that we could run around the circumference. 
We didn't manage all of it, but we did quite a lot, so then we felt rather pleased with ourselves and just had a lazy rest of the day. 

It is a lovely place and our aim for the day was very easy, just coffee at an outdoor cafe and then sherry in the main square. 
Unfortunately, I forget to take my purse and Daz onto had ten euros with him. 
This being Spain though and very reasonably priced, we had two coffees for a total of three euros, two sherries and olives for 3.60, two wonderful cocunut cakes and then two marzipan biscuits and still went back to the ship with 20 cents in my pocket. 

You really do have to love Spain! 

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