Tuesday 6 November 2018


Yesterday we flew to Genoa and boarded the MSC Orchestra for a cruise to South America!
All very exciting, and because it is an Italian ship then the first thing that we did was head to the restaurant to try out the pizzas. 
We didn't get to visit Genoa, but set sail overnight for Marseille. This morning started very wet, although they say that the city has 300 days of sunshine per year. 
I started to disbelieve that, but then it cheered up and we had a lovely walk around the city. 

Just about the first thing that we found was a statue to represent all of the visitors to the city. Not sure why he doesn't have a body though. 
Afterwards we went to the harbour where we got soaked in a 

huge downpour, and then dried out again very quickly.
The highlight though was the Notre Dame de la Garde that was high up on a hill looking down at the city. 

The inside of the church was beautiful, with lots of little sailing boats hanging on ropes from the ceiling, but unfortunately I didn't take a photo. 

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