Friday 28 September 2018

Alton Towers

Daz bought tickets for Alton Towers, which would probably be quite a waste of money because I don't like scary rides.
However, once we got there it was lovely and I started off with a ride on my own. 

Once it got moving I was quickly regretting my bravado, but fortunately I sat in the middle so that I didn't go up and down as much as at the ends. I screamed and shut my eyes quite a lot, but it didn't last too long and then I could get off. 
I felt quite shaky though so we stopped for a coffee to calm down! 
Afterwards Daz went on the Galactica while I smugly waited outside in the sunshine. 

I got a very good view but they whizzed by so fast so I didn't see him. 
The gardens were beautiful and also very quiet and we wandered around looking at the restored orangerie. 

Final treat of the day was the river rapids and we glided happily down before our raft was dunked on to a moving escalator and we defied the laws of gravity to sail back up to the start. 

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