Tuesday 4 September 2018

Van Gogh Route

Yesterday we broke all of our speed records and shot from Gouda to Den Bosch. It was about 77 kilometres and we saw the usual lovely countryside and windmills. We also stopped for two ferry rides, numerous cups of coffee and enjoyed a bag of wine gums along the way.

This is a statue of Heironimous Bosch, a famous painter who changed his surname to that of his town. We would have gone to his museum but it was closed on Mondays. 
Today we went from Den Bosch to Eindhoven along the Van Gogh trail. In reality he only lived locally for two years, but that hasn't stopped the tourist industry from taking him to their hearts. 
We went around the museum but it wasn't very exciting, apart from a cow and a very fancy modern bicycle that was painted with Van Gogh's sunflowers. 

Tonight though we went out as it was getting dark to see the Starry Nights section of his trail. It consisted of thousands of stones that lit up and the effect was very nice. Unfortunately, he didn't paint either Starry Nights or Sunflowers while living locally, but a rather dark painting called 'The Potato Eaters'. 

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