Wednesday 12 September 2018

Brussels and the Atomium

We are staying south of Brussels and have found that the area is not at all cycling friendly. We followed an extremely narrow and bumpy pavement cycle path along a busy road, before turning off into the better terrain of forest paths. 
Once in Brussels we passed a huge art deco cathedral 

and then on through crazy traffic to the Atomium. 
This was the high point of the day, and we saw it in the distance above some houses 

before we could find our way to the entrance. 

We hadn't been there long before it started to rain and after sheltering for a while we headed into the centre of town and found the European headquarters. There was lots of people scurrying about looking important and lots of caf├ęs so we stopped for lunch. Daz is trying out a new pose for photos and I think that it is OK. Sort of a cheerful electric shock look. 

The rain started coming down again so we once more braved the traffic for a quick visit to the Grand Place, and then headed back to our hotel. 

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