Saturday 8 September 2018

Beautiful church at Borgloon

Today we set off from Valkenburg, and through Maastricht where we stopped briefly in the main square.

We should have stayed longer as it is a very nice place, and all around us bars and caf├ęs were setting their chairs up in the sunshine. 
However, we were off to see a very unusual church in the Belgian countryside. It took a while but we eventually found it nestling in the landscape just south of Borgloon. 

It is actually a sculpture called 'Reading between the lines' and is a model of the typical local churches that is made of 30 tons of metal. 
In different angles it becomes see through and the effect is amazing . 
From the inside it was even better as we

stood and looked through the metal and could see an almost identical real church in the distance. 
We sat and contemplated the scene while eating peanuts and a sort of wagon wheel biscuit. 
A team of people then appeared and set up a champagne reception in a corner of the field, but unfortunately we had no chance of getting a glass because it was all for a company team building day, and they were still out somewhere in the countryside doing who knows what as we left before they arrived. 

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