Sunday 9 September 2018


We had a lovely day getting here, and then a fantastic thrill down an endless hill, but Liege is very disappointing. There are almost no cycle lanes, and the ones that are here either end really suddenly or are really narrow and feel quite dangerous.
We are in a nice area by the main TGV Station and went for a cycle around today. 
The city centre is nice and a great statue of a diver over the river. 

We then found a huge market and would have gone for more of a walk, but my toe is very painful, so we went for a short walk instead. 
Had a quick visit to the Opera House and got a good view of the city from the top of the glass elevator. 

We then had lots of trouble with busy traffic and non existant cycle lanes as we cycled around trying to find an open air sculpture park. 

In the end we had to give up and head back to the hotel, but we have been enjoying some wine in our room and out for a Chinese very soon. 

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