Friday 7 September 2018

Two days in Valkenburg

Two days ago I walked straight into a square legged chair and ended up with my little right toe sticking out at a strange angle. The only good result of this was that I avoided having to clean my bike, but the rest of it is all bad.
Yesterday we did a lovely cycle ride from Eindhoven to Valkenburg that was just under 90 kilometres. Mostly my poorly toe was fine as it was happy in my shoe, but getting on and off the bike was difficult, although I got better as the day went on. 

Today we went for a little walk and when we got back to the hotel a giant Alsatian dog was lying at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't see him and nearly stood on him, and in my panic to get away I put all of my weight on the broken (possibly) toe and pushed backwards as hard as I could. Ouch, ouch. 
We then had a lazy rest of the day, but visited our favourite cafe twice for fantastic cappuccinos. 

Hopefully, normal behaviour will be resumed tomorrow. 


  1. how's the toe? should you get it looked at in case you have really done something bad to it? M&D

  2. It seems to be getting better. I have strapped it to the toe next door and am able to walk more now. I can wiggle it and the swelling is going down Did you sign up on email to continue getting the blogs direct as I am writing one most days at the moment