Wednesday 21 November 2018

Salvador de Bahia

Yesterday we arrived in Recife, Brazil. We docked quite far away from the city and we decided to stay on the ship for three reasons - firstly we were being a bit lazy, secondly we wanted to use the WiFi, and thirdly we had been warned that it was quite a dangerous place.
Our lovely dinner companions did venture out and came back hot and tired and said that we hadn't really missed anything. 
Today we decided to do better though and the ship docked at Salvador de Bahia, another large city on the Brazilian coast. 
We made our way to the queue for information and a friendly, bossy, elderly lady told us that she wanted to speak English today and that we would be her companions on her walk around town! 

We couldn't refuse and she was an Argentinian lady who spoke many languages, greeting everyone that we met on the journey. There was dozens of armed police around the ship, tourist area and market, and in this photo she is saying hello to three of them. 
We joined the queue for an elevator ride up to the main tourist area, and she jumped the queue with us close behind, said something to the ticket officer and we were on our way up. 

At the top was a square and we don't know what this building was, but it had a beautiful ceiling that she videoed, all the while telling us strange tales of her family, her trips all over the world and other stories that we couldn't follow. 

We eventually left her in the market as she was keen to barter with the traders, but she gave us her phone number with strict instructions that if we get into trouble in Buenos Aries then we should call her immediately. 

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