Friday 23 November 2018

Sailing into Rio

We were up early today for one of the highlights of our trip - a visit to Rio de Janeiro.

The weather was perfect and we were up on the top deck as Sugarloaf mountain, Christ the Redeemer and then the whole city came slowly into sight. 

We sailed right into the bay and the views were incredible in all directions. 

We passed close by to the new Museum of Tomorrow, which was very similar to the architecture in Valencia earlier in our trip. A quick look at Google confirmed that they were both designed by Santiago Calatravo, so just call me Sherlock Holmes from now on. 

Once we docked we were opposite a large warehouse with fantastic murals on it, and we could see lots of joggers out in the early morning. 
We decided to join them, but by the time we got out it was just after 9am and they had all probably finished and gone to work. We ran 5k, but it was 36 degrees in the hot sunshine, so quite hard work. 

Quite pleased with this selfie that I took with the aid of a giant mirror on the top deck. 
Ps, it's pre run and afterwards I looked a purple faced quivering and tired wreck. 

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