Tuesday 28 May 2019

Vitality 10k race, London

We laced up our racing shoes yesterday and headed down towards Buckingham Palace for the Vitality 10k.
We were joined by Mo Farrah and Jonathan Brownlee although I never saw either of them, and they finished before I even started. That is mainly because another 20,000 people also turned up to join in the fun.
All of those people made it a great atmosphere and there was also thousands of people cheering us on along the route. I don't think that the Queen was looking out of her window, but you never know.
I started in the fourth wave of runners and lots of them must have fibbed about how fast they could run because the stats show that I overtook over 1,200 runners in only ten kilometres.
I zigzagged for the whole route, which helped take my mind off the running, but distracted me from much sightseeing. I finished in a great time, for me, of 53 minutes and 12 seconds.
Daz did better and took 45 minutes and 52 seconds.

Nice medal and tee-shirt too.

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