Saturday 17 September 2022

Time lapse greenhouse photography

 This photo is from April.

Fast forward to six days ago when we started to make the base for the greenhouse.

We bought a concrete mixer last week which made the task of putting in the foundation much easier, although it was really difficult trying to get a level base and to be honest we didn't totally succeed.

By day three we were fitting together the giant Meccano style kit, but this is the third time that we have done it so it seems to be getting easier.

Time for the glass to go in, and this was a real nightmare the first time around, but it only took us about half a day, and unbelievably not a single piece got broken.

The floor is down, staging is up and the plants are settling in to their winter home. The only thing left was to sit inside with our next door neighbour and a glass of wine and a bowl of peanuts.

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