Tuesday 29 November 2022

On our way to Athens

The title says it all - we are on our way to Athens today for a little holiday.

The day started really well, as we are travelling in Business Class. We collected thousands of air miles during our self build, so this is a day to enjoy a bit of luxury after all that hard work.

We were allowed in the Airport Lounge for the first time. The breakfast was great and the free bar was open, so I had bucks fizz with a bacon butty.

Then we found the big comfy chairs and the High Life magazine.

The time flew by and all too soon we boarded the plane. This was the bit that I was most excited about as I was expecting a big seat, lots of leg room and luxury!

Down to earth with a thump as all of the seats on the plane were the standard size and three across. We just had a little cotton cover on the back of the seat, and the middle seat was left empty to give us a bit more room. 

The food was very good though and the staff were very friendly and helpful, so we got over our disappointment and tucked in. 

Our hotel is lovely, right in the middle of Athens and we are spending our first night here watching England play Wales on the telly with Greek commentary. 

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