Sunday 20 November 2022


Very pleased to see the sun out this morning as we hopped on our Bromptons and cycled to Bath Spa Station. There was an unfortunate sign behind Darren's head for the almost traditional 'waiting on the platform' photo.

We were off to London, the train was on time and we soon got off the train at Paddington, and then we cycled through Hyde Park to Brompton.

After dropping off the bikes at our hotel we walked through Brompton Cemetery on the lookout for the grave of Dr John Snow. He was an amazing doctor and in 1854 he discovered that cholera was infecting people through drinking dirty water, and he stopped an outbreak by removing an insanitary pump from a London Street.

We found him on our return journey, although his grave is quite modest compared to many around him.

All of the best graves are in the centre by an impressive building.

After the cemetery we turned right, and within a couple of minutes we reached the Fox and Pheasant, a posh pub owned by James Blunt. We met up with Tina and Matt and had high hopes of being told that we were beautiful, but unfortunately James didn't put in an appearance.

After a lovely Sunday roast we tried our best to look good while posing with a guy with a very bushy moustache.

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