Thursday 8 December 2022

The Athens Riviera

We are set up in an Airbnb apartment just slightly set back from the Athens Riviera.

Today we mostly ran and occasionally walked 18kms along it, and it is mostly beautiful. There are a couple of dodgy bits that need some work, and a big dual carriageway that gets a bit close at times, but that's a minor issue.

There are also lots of cats, and they gather round the fishermen who seem keen to give them a fish supper.

We are only five minutes walk from the Turtle Rescue Centre although it is difficult to find. From the outside all of the buildings are old railway carriages,

but once inside we were met by enthusiastic volunteers who showed us around. They explained that injured turtles are sent to them from all over Greece and they do their best to nurse them back to health and release them back in to the sea.

Last photo for today is from the centre of town, and is us sitting inside a giant Christmas bauble.

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