Thursday 22 December 2022

Wandering swan

We popped out to do a bit of shopping this morning and when we got back a cygnet was blocking the route to our parking space.

I got out of the car and did my best to wave it back towards the river, but it had no intention of going that way. Eventually it wandered over and stopped in front of the next door neighbours garage, so we managed to park safely. 

I am not surprised that it didn't fancy the river as its very fast and high at the moment, although it is now at least a foot lower than earlier in the week.

While we were away our neighbour added a new horse to her managerie, and now there is one donkey, two Shetland ponies and what looks to me like a giant Shetland pony. 

When I took my carrots over to them yesterday the new pony stayed well away and just watched the others chomping away. Today when I walked through the gate they all headed towards me, including the new one. It enthusiastically downed its carrot in a couple of mouthfuls then tried to eat my phone while I took its photo. 

I think that he's my new favourite. 

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