Thursday 12 January 2023

High water

Back at Kelston, and hoping for better weather after lots of rain. Went to sleep last night and it must have rained all night.

I looked out of the windows this morning and was surprised by the scenes. The field behind us had turned into a lake, and the river was really high. We set off on a walk and the road was a mini river. 

A few minutes later our neighbour wrote on the WhatsApp group that the main road to Bristol was closed due to flooding. 

We thought that we would walk along the river, but the puddles were so deep that we had to turn back as they were deeper than my wellies. 

It carried on raining and the river carried on rising and by this afternoon the land opposite us had all but disappeared. 

We are quite high up so the river won't reach us, but it looks as if the pub on the opposite bank has been flooded. 

Quite a difference from this summer. 

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