Tuesday 31 January 2023


 After my blog from yesterday, I didn't expect that today could possibly be as lovely, but I was wrong.

Bronnoysund is a little town that is in the exact middle of Norway, and there is a rock on the harbour with a plaque celebrating the fact. Our on board tour guide seemed to say that this was one of the highlights even though he said that it wasn't exciting.

True, it wasn't an exciting rock, but behind the town is a lake that was amazingly beautiful. 

To get to it we had to walk over a little inlet from the sea. The water had iced over and then the tide went out a little leaving the ice above the water. 

We arrived at the lake just as the sun was setting and the water completely still.

The reflections were wonderful and we were the only people to see them. Around a corner it got even better, with a frozen beach where I paddled in my boots.

There was a little jetty that looked like a walk to heaven.

I carefully did the heavenly walk, trying not to slip over, and then dangled my feet over the side.

The water was so clear I could see right to the bottom of the lake, and I was really surprised when my boots hit the water as it looked much further away than I expected.

We walked right around the lake and then arrived back at the boat just as it was getting dark. Totally amazing outing.

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