Monday 23 January 2023

Run around Alesund

We caught a flight to Bergen yesterday, and then boarded a Hurtigruten ship for a journey to the top of Norway and back.

Surprisingly we got off the plane to find that it was quite a few degrees warmer than London.

The boat set off from Bergen and arrived this morning in Alesund. The weather forecast was for 8 degrees Celsius and raining all day, but we decided that the best way to see the town was on a run.

We set off towards the west, over a bridge and then retraced our steps, and on towards the famous hill with 418 steps to the top.

We had to march quickly up the steps, and by the top it was blowing a gale and freezing cold.

Good view from the top, but we didn't hang around to admire it. We started following a footpath downwards and suddenly the paths were covered in ice and snow. 

I went a bit fast across the ice and took a sort of careful slow motion fall, and then took it a lot more sedately the rest of the way.

Back at sea level the rain was really coming down so we cut the route a bit short and headed back for a hot shower and a shot of spiced rum.

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