Sunday 15 January 2023

Main road closed

Yesterday we went to check if the main road was still closed. It seemed obvious that it must be because the river level hadn't dropped more than a few inches, but quite a lot of traffic was using the road, which seemed strange. 

On the edge of the village was a road block and then right behind it was a large water company van parked right across the middle of the road. The reason that we saw so much traffic was that people were ignoring all of the road closed signs and attempting to get through, and once they realised that they had no chance, then they had to turn around and drive back the way they had come.

The river runs right behind the houses and the water level on the road is level with the top of the river, so until it drops then the road stays submerged. 

We could walk through it as it wasn't quite as high as my wellies, but apparently if vehicles drive through then they make a huge splash against the houses. It's usually a very busy road so would be terrible for the residents and very dangerous for pedestrians and for any car that broke down. 

Just along from the village a new bridge is being built across the river, and we stopped to check on progress. 

I don't think that it's going too well at the moment. 

We walked back along the footpath and this was under water so we cut through the field instead. 

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