Thursday 26 January 2023


We stopped for a couple of hours at Bodø this afternoon. Very surprisingly I read an article in The Times this morning about the top ten undiscovered beaches in the world, and one of them was at Bodø!

What a weird coincidence, however, it was pouring with rain and a bit too far to walk to.

Instead we turned our attention to the small town, which even more surprisingly is going to be the joint European Capital of Culture in 2024.

Naturally we set off to see its highlights, and one of them is a row of seven granite rocks set into the harbour wall. They have holes drilled through them and when the wind blows they are supposed to play music.

Another interesting fact about Bodø is that it is the windiest town in Norway, but not today and the rocks were silent.

Beyond them was two small lighthouses at the mouth of the harbour.

It has an interesting looking church tower which I am afraid has no world famous attribute, not that I know of anyway.

Finally, we tried to find the graffiti murals scattered around the town. We only found two, and this one is painted by a British guy, with the unappealing title of Phlegm.

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