Sunday 15 January 2023

More rain today

We have found a new way of working out if the river is rising or falling.

 On the marina opposite our garden there is a lovely seating area that is on a raised platform where our neighbours often sit at a large table and enjoy a sundowner. When the river was at it highest the table had disappeared completely, and this morning the very top of it is showing above the water level.

Yesterday we could also see the top of the table's legs, but it rained overnight so the river has gone back up again.

It has also re-covered the pub garden and car park on the far bank.

The weather forecast this morning said that there would be no more rain, so we set out on a little walk.

Five minutes later the rain was yet again pouring down, but we had started so we weren't going to turn back. We made it to the old railway bridge and for about two minutes the sun lit up the landscape.

I wasn't quite quick enough to get a sunny photo of our house, but it was a good view anyway.

Then the rain started pouring down yet again, so we went back home, and by the time it got dark this evening the river had hardly dropped at all.

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