Thursday 2 February 2023

Trondheim and Kristansund

Early morning flying visit to Trondheim to try and find the sights that we missed on the way up the coast.

This is the Royal Palace although it doesn't particularly look like one. Just around the back of it is a statue of King Olav who founded Trondheim more than 1,000 years ago, and it was the ancient capital of Norway.

It was minus 8 outside, so we hurried back to the boat and breakfast. We then chugged down the coast for a late afternoon visit to Kristiansund.

Quick interesting fact - Norway has over 239,000 islands, and 65,000 lakes.

We have seen lots of both, and it appears that every town has its own lake up on a hill behind it. Kristiansund was no exception, and we put on our metal spikes over our boots and climbed up to it.

Nice, frozen and not spectacular was my verdict, and I seem to be becoming a bit of a lake connoisseur.

Back on the harbour was a statue to honour the women of the town who used to prepare and dry all of the cod that their fishermen husband's brought ashore.

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