Saturday 25 February 2023

Burgau to Lagos

This morning we caught a bus to Burgau and got off at this very comfy bus stop.

We walked down to the beach and took a quick photo of the approaching storm, set up our Garmins and started our run/walk/climb back to Lagos.

We headed straight up a steep hill and on to the cliffs, just as the rain started to gently fall.

The route was undulating and beautiful, and after a few kilometres we dropped down into Praia de Luz where we stopped to dry out and drink coffee.

We needed it because then we took on the biggest climb of the day up the cliffs on the other side.

Once at the top the views were spectacular and the rain stopped.

The final section was a repeat of our lovely walk yesterday and then the rain came down properly so we got back to the hotel as quickly as I could make it.

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