Friday 24 February 2023

Ponta de Piedade

Early start this morning to catch the slow train from Tavira to Lagos. It was only 100 kms but it was from almost the east of the Algarve to almost the west.

Coffee and Portuguese tart at the station café. I have made it my mission to eat at least one tart per day on this holiday and I haven't missed yet.

We arrived at Lagos, checked in to our hotel and then had the afternoon free for a walk to the headland.

We walked to the furthest point and then made our way back along the coast.

I had seen some photos of rocks with holes in them, but couldn't believe how beautiful they were in real life.

We walked down a lot of steps to get to this viewpoint, and Darren is just ahead of me on this bit.

There was a new boardwalk to follow, although we did climb through it to get some better photos. Unfortunately my backpack turned me in to a sort of turtle shape and I had to crawl very ungainly through the gap.

It was getting quite late by the time we reached the end of the route and we were among the last people to walk down to the wonderful almost deserted beach.

And it had a tunnel through the rock to another even more secret beach.

Then back up on the cliff for one final view before we were back in Lagos.

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  1. We had a week there once lovely place that beach you were on we canoed all around, there are some lovely grottos to go in. Lagos town is stunning.