Saturday 11 February 2023

Kew in the morning and After Dark

Nice morning walk to find coffee and cake for breakfast. The tide was out on the river Thames and lots of boats were left on the bank.

Just around the corner we disturbed hundreds of seagulls who flocked into the air next to the Dahlia Bridge.

Then in the evening we saw another side of Kew Gardens at their Orchid Special Cameroon Evening Event. 

Cameroon has lots of orchids as well as hippo's, with a couple of them loitering in the waterlilly pond.

It took a while to notice the two 20 feet high giraffes that were mostly crafted from orchids and bamboo poles.

And a rather unusual looking crocodile was also putting in an appearance. I asked a staff member if there was any more crocodiles hiding in the undergrowth, and he told me not to worry as they weren't real. 

Strangely I had already worked that out for myself.

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