Wednesday 22 February 2023

Faro to Tavira

This morning we paid 3.25 euros each and caught the train east to Tavira. This is an attractive town that is similar in layout to Faro, but they have dressed up some of their trees.

I am very impressed with this idea and can't help but think that if I had done the same then maybe not so many of my plants would have died of cold over the winter.

Tavira also has a nice mini amphitheatre (it is a Roman town), and Darren is today sitting in it modelling some lovely yellow trainers.

This afternoon, in common with yesterday, we caught a ferry to the beach, and on the way through the salt flats we actually saw a huge flock of flamingoes.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but at least they all have florescent pink legs.

The beach was good and had thousands of shells all along the shore. I spent ages picking up my favourites, but then Darren turned up with a huge one that was better than all of mine so I threw them back in the water.

We are off for a pizza tonight, its not very Portuguese, but I am a bit scared of all of the octopuses that they have on their menus.

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