Wednesday 19 April 2023

Strictly Come Dancing binge

On Sunday night we went to the very nice Aylesbury Waterside Theatre to see Johannes from Strictly's very own show. The place was packed full of over 1,000 excited ladies of a certain age - myself and Susan included - and a much smaller number of probably not so excited men, including Darren and Paul.

The outfits were extremely exotic, the dancing fast and furious, but unfortunately absolutely no photography allowed. Thank you to Susan for breaking the rules and getting one very quick photo at the encore.

Then on Tuesday afternoon Darren got almost free tickets to see Kai and Nadiya at the Swindon Wyvern Theatre. Not so busy this time, with only 200 tickets sold and lots of empty seats, but another cracker of a show.

We were actively encouraged to take lots of photos to put on social media, and Nadiya must have changed her outfit at least a dozen times in two hours.

They were really likeable and cheerful, had six backing dancers and a great singer.

There was a moment when Kai started chatting to a couple on the front row who were very quiet and shy. What a shame I thought, that could have been us, and maybe we could even have got a quick waltz around the stage. Sadly it wasn't to be.

Two brilliant events, and very different and I can't say which one I preferred more.

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