Friday 7 April 2023

Almost our wedding anniversary

24 years and 364 days ago we got married, and we celebrated this date in style on the last day of our cruise. We had booked in to an on board restaurant that served dinner and then entertainment.

It started almost in the manner of the famous Goodfellas restaurant scene as we followed the waiter around all of the tables, and then arrived at our table which was right at the side of the stage. No free bottle of champagne though.

Dinner was nice, and the entertainment was La Voix, who we didn't know, but was on Britain's Got Talent, and in the Ab Fab movie, amongst many other things.

She started well with a Shirley Bassey hit and then asked about birthday's and anniversaries. I told her about ours and that was all. She then started making jokes about the ship and the events they put on, and asked if anyone had been to the ballet classes. 

In a split second and without thinking I put my hand up, and then somehow ended up on stage trying to teach La Voix a few steps, while Darren quietly died in his chair.

My triumphant Darcy Bussell moment had arrived.

After that she started chatting to us and making silly jokes about our house, and Darren's shirt needing ironing. We won a plaque as the most picked upon guests, and had our photograph taken with her too.

Memorable night and it's not even our wedding anniversary yet.

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