Monday 17 July 2023

Wye Valley Tunnel Run half marathon

We set off on a treck from Bath over the Severn Bridge into Wales and then back to England again in less than an hour. Our destination was the Wye Valley where we had entered a half marathon.

The weather wasn't good and it poured with rain in England, cheered up with a bit of sun in Wales and then poured with rain again as we waited for the race to start. 

Fortunately, the rain didn't last long and petered out as we headed along a disused railway line to the Tiddenham Tunnel.

It is just over a kilometre underground, and like the tunnel that we ran through a few weeks ago, it was very dark and calm. All went well after that for a few more kilometres until the route suddenly changed. We had to scramble up steep rocky steps and then on a long magical mystery tour through woods, up and down lots of concrete steps, over a bouncy bridge, and then back on to the disused railway.

Eventually I saw the finish and Darren cheered me on to the line. 

Crossing the line I did what I thought was a huge leap and star jump for Susan who took this photo, but it appears that my feet hardly left the ground. 

We collected another nice medal, had a giant piece of chocolate and cornflake cake then headed home. 

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