Monday 24 July 2023

Hike to Bath

 It stopped raining for a few hours, so we took the opportunity to hike over the hills to Bath. Starting out at the river Avon, we headed almost straight up to the Kelston Roundhill at 218 metres above sea level. 

We can't quite see the sea from the top, but the Severn Bridge is definitely in sight somewhere. 

After that it is all downhill, apart from a few lumps and bumps on the way. 

We mostly followed the Cotswold Way, which seems to make a point of zig zagging around the landscape, and as we got closer to Bath it took us down tiny paths and dark lanes. 

Once in the city it goes past all of the best architecture, starting with the Royal Crescent. Personally I think that this could be improved with a bit of colour on the front doors and windows, and maybe a quick jet wash, but as always, the tourists were out in force. 

Finally we reached our destination, the Little Cinema which had rolled out the red carpet and put up the pink balloons for the film Barbie. 

We weren't really dressed correctly, but I suppose that not many visitors had hiked the hills to get there, but at least I had on a pinkish teeshirt. 

It really was a good film, then afterwards we had a couple of ciders and caught the bus back. 

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