Wednesday 3 January 2024

River Avon in flood

The river has been rising for a few days and the main A road near to our house has closed because of flooding.

Our river bank is higher than the bank on the opposite side of the river so we are fine as always, but it looks quite dramatic. 

Our little metal otter is getting ready to jump in, and the big old lawn mower across the marina is slowly sinking out of sight. 

The marina is now part of the main river and the brass mill chimneys have water almost at their door. 

It is still possible to sit on our little riverside seat, but your toes would get very wet. 

I left this morning and found a mini river rushing down the lane, and water gushing through the hedgerows, and down or across the roads and fields, all of it desperate to get down into the valley and end up in the river Avon. 

At the moment it's not as high as last year, which locals tell me was the highest for at least the last twenty years, but the rain is still falling so you never know. 

This photo was taken on the main road last year once it was closed, and I got through it yesterday a couple of hours before they closed it again and it looked pretty similar. 

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