Wednesday 20 December 2023

Hurghada City tour

Today we went on a city tour of Hurghada. It was a free trip provided by the tour company, and we did the same outing on our last visit to Hurghada a few years ago.

First stop was the viewpoint from the highest point in Hurghada. This is misleading because Hurghada is almost completely flat, although I agree that this section of road is slightly higher than it's surroundings.

No one was sure what we were supposed to be looking at, as the sea view from our hotel is also beautiful and a lot cleaner than here. Darren helpfully brightened it up for me.

Then came a new marina, where I impersonated an angel - not so exciting in daylight, but I think that it would look great after dark..

Then we had a quick walk through the fish market. I don't usually like these, but this one was quite nice, and as Darren said, much easier than snorkeling.

Then we went to the local mosque.

Before we could go inside I had to rent an outfit. There was lots of choice but I made the wrong decision and it looked like a giant onesie rather than an elegant robe.

Last but not least, we went to a souvenir shop where the prices were fixed and no one was supposed to hassle you, although of course they did but in a polite way.

As I said last time, not the most exciting tour, but you can only see what is there, and it was a fun and interesting afternoon.

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