Saturday 9 December 2023

Hurghada to Luxor

Friday night on the town in Hurghada. Stepping out through the star gateway of our hotel.

I should have checked the overnight weather temperatures before we left England as they are much cooler than I expected. It's 25 degrees or more every day in the sunshine, but once the sun goes down around 5pm, the temperature drops very quickly.

We had a five hour coach drive today from Hurghada to Luxor. We are on a cruise down the Nile, but fortunately not on this boat, which is looking very sad and has been abandoned and tipped over on to its side.

We found our boat, checked in and spent a lazy afternoon on deck and then watched the sunset.

Then it was back to our cabin and a quick change into my jeans and cardi that I wore to travel here. Disappointing, but necessary, and as they are the only warm clothes that I have brought with me then I think that they will have to put in an appearance every night of the holiday from now on.

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