Friday 15 December 2023

Sailing day

 This morning we opened our curtains to the most beautiful sunrise.

We had a lovely peaceful morning floating down the river and through the hydro electric lock at Esna.

By early afternoon we had arrived back and docked at Luxor. All too soon it was time for our second horse and carriage ride of the holiday. (If we hadn't have booked them both at the same time then we would possibly have given this one a miss, however, you never know what might happen in Egypt!)

This trip started so well as we trotted along the by the Nile, but then we did a loop along a dual carriageway lined with building sites, and back to where we started. Then we stopped and waited for a while, then did another loop of the building sites.

Half an hour into our ride, we did a third loop, but then deviated from this holding pattern and off into the back streets.

We then clip clopped through a market, and with five minutes remaining we turned a corner and saw the Avenue of the Sphinxes. Very briefly though and then for a few seconds we saw Luxor Temple in the distance, and then the trip was over.

Not the sightseeing trip we hoped for and instead of seeing magnificent 4,000 year old structures we mainly focussed on busy roads and building sites.

Changing to a much quicker and reliable form of transport - our feet - we set off to see the temple.

Back to our boat and the evening entertainment. First was a very impressive whirling dervish. He performed for about 15 minutes, twirling constantly, and even had led lights on his costume.

After the dervish came a belly dancer, who wasn't quite as good. However, she got me up on the dance floor to do a duet with her and after a quick wiggle we headed off to bed.

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  1. Of course the belly dancer would get you up, you did have lessons in belly dancing many years ago after all