Monday 18 December 2023

Running and swimming

This morning we went for a jog along Hurghada Promenade.

The weather was lovely, the pavements were really quiet and we saw quite a few other runners with the same idea.

We also had the chance to admire some of the many Christmas decorations along the street.

And Darren posed with a statue that was an almost identical twin of one found in Tutankhamen's tomb.

We went back for breakfast in the hotel and then headed off for our trip in a glass bottomed boat.

We left the harbour and after a while reached the reef, and we all trooped downstairs to the viewing area.

The glass is actually quite a blue colour which makes the colours of the coral and fish look washed out, but then one of the crew jumped in an gave the fish a little bit of food.

During this time the boat was really bobbing about in the water and back up on deck we could see that the waves were quite big.

If you are wondering how I managed to take this photo, it's because there was more than one boat.

We had been promised the chance to snorkel over a beautiful reef too,  and we expected it to be close to the shore in shallow water, but no, it was actually here about half a mile from the shore and in 20 metre deep water.

We did both jump in and snorkelled about for a few minutes, but it was too rough and deep to see any fish, so I fought to swim across mountainous seas and clambered back aboard! Maybe a slight exaggeration there.

Then back to the harbour and the bus ride home.

Looking back it was an okay trip with some nice highlights, and it wasn't the crews fault about the rough sea, but as always, the outing didn't quite match the original description of it.

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