Monday 11 December 2023

Cruising down the Nile

We are off on our journey down the River Nile, and the views from both our cabin and on deck are superb.

We can leisurely watch the world go by, but there is no escaping the pushy salesmen and their imaginative sales pitches.

I went down to our second floor cabin and was surprised to hear voices outside the window.

What happens is that the men wait in rowing boats until the cruise ship gets close enough, and then they throw a rope over a post on the ship and tie themselves on. The ship drags them at speed through the water while they stand up, balance carefully, unwrap their goods and shout out hello in random languages.

Unfortunately I can't tell you how they get the carpet to the customer because I didn't see anyone buy anything. 
Once they are finished they untie one end of the rope and it unwinds very quickly, and then they disappear out behind the ship and then try to catch on to the next one.
We have never seen this on P and O or Cunard!

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