Friday 15 March 2024

Cycling on the flat

There are literally thousands of cyclists on Mallorca at the moment, almost all are colourfully dressed in lycra with clip cloppy shoes. They glide around in either small groups or huge pelotons, and the ones at our hotel eat huge stacks of food at every meal.

Of course we aren't like that, but we did hire bikes today.

Mallorca is full of hills and mountains, and most of the cyclists head straight for them, so to buck the trend we headed straight for the flat.

Our first stop was along the coast at Porta Pollenca, and then we cycled inland to Pollenca for a nice coffee stop.

Then we took a lovely quiet route along quiet lanes and cycle tracks, but accidentally missing the two towns that we had planned to see.

We did find the very untouristy town of Sa Pobla and stopped in the beautiful and very quiet town square for a beer and nibbles.

Onwards then and back to the coast to Can Picafort. This was a strange place with no tourists and everywhere shut for siesta. We eventually found a supermarket that was open and Darren went in to buy two Magnums. Unfortunately they didn't sell them single, but only in packs of three.

I looked around the car park in a very halfhearted manner for anyone that I thought might appreciate a free Magnum.

After finding no one who fitted the criteria, we decided to eat an extra half each rather than see it melt in the bin.

So, a very successful day, lots of easy cycling and the full house of cycling treats.

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