Saturday 6 April 2024

Parkrun and a long walk back

Parkrun day today at Jersey, and Happy Birthday and Double Parkrun Alphabet Day to Susan. 

She hand iced letters on to many chocolate biscuits for parkrun finishers, and Darren did his best to be the winner of the unofficial 'who could eat the most biscuits' competition.

Then we set off walking to Corbiere Lighthouse along lovely quiet lanes, eventually seeing it in the distance with the tide out.

Putting us to shame, Paul reached it on the way to running 25 kilometres to the start of the parkrun, but couldn't get across because the tide was in.

No such problems for us, and we wandered across enjoying the beautiful views.

Apart from the fact that it was blowing a gale, it was very peaceful which would have been very different to the scene here during the war. There are many tank and gun emplacements all along the coast, and I popped inside a massive concrete viewing bunker.

It's very well camouflaged and is a small square space where, standing on tip toes, I could see the whole coastline and horizon. If Allies had been approaching I would have easily spotted them.

Then we set off along the coast passing lots more fortifications. This one was right down near the sea and had a little railway track to move materials.

The cliff views were beautiful.

The beaches were stunning.

Today I have just run out of words to describe the gorgeous scenes, and it had nothing to do with the cider at the finish.

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