Sunday 7 April 2024

Wedding anniversary

It's our wedding anniversary today, so congratulations to us!!

We were thinking about going on an afternoon wine tasting tour, but then changed it to a dolphin watching and views of France trip instead.

First stop was the pretty little harbour at Rosel where we got off the bus.

This was on the north coast of the island and we hiked along the undulating coast round to the eastern side. This side is directly across the sea from Normandy.

But first came the dolphin viewing spot at St Catherine's breakwater.

We had been told by a local islander that it was a great viewing spot, but we looked really carefully, and there wasn't a dolphin, or beach ball or hoop in sight.

However, right on the horizon we could make out the feint coast of France, but it wasn't big enough to be able to be seen in our photos.

This is a great view though of the enormous breakwater, and you can imagine the coast of France beyond it.

As both highlights were not as high as originally hoped, I thought that a new high would be a shortcut across the long bay.

It looked gorgeous from a distance, and a lot of it was lovely sand, but gradually it turned wetter with water draining from rock pools higher up the beach.

It got to that stage where we had gone too far to turn back, but to head forwards meant getting even wetter feet, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Back on dry land we walked southwards with my shoes allegedly drying much quicker than Darren's.

Final stop for a late lunch was at Gorey with the huge Mont Orgueil Castle towering above us.

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