Thursday 11 July 2024

Kipchoge world record marathon course

Our first full day in Vienna and it is extremely hot and humid. Not on paper the ideal day for an epic run.

We are on the exact course where Kipchoge ran under two hours for a marathon. Its completely flat and straight with a roundabout at each end.

Of course, we weren't going to run the whole way, just one loop of eight kilometres. 

There were drinking fountains every two kilometres and I stopped for a drink at every one of them. Totally drained and exhausted, I was relieved to make it back again to the start and the train station back to the hotel.

By the finish I was so hot that my face was almost purple (definitely no photo!) and I was quietly perspiring. The 15 minute train journey was a huge embarrassment as the quiet perspiration turned into a full scale sweat in a busy carriage. I pretended not to notice and ignored the other passengers and was relieved not to leave a puddle on the floor.

After a shower and a very long break, we headed into Vienna town centre and first item on the agenda was a well earned ice cream.

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