Thursday 11 July 2024

Darren's birthday outing

This is a one time only extra blog that should have gone out a few days ago.

Also, it's fortunate that hardly anyone reads this blog, as what you are about to see is highly illegal.

I have only just become aware of its existence, and I can share it with you now...

Even though Darren doesn't like Abba (or so he says), he booked the Abba Voyage concert many months in advance as his birthday treat.

Lots of people dressed up in sparkly tops and flares, but we didn't join in with this extra bit of fun.

And then it was on with the show. The announcer told us all to dance and sing along, but fiercely said that anyone caught recording the show would be thrown out.

It turns out that Darren discreetly took quite a few photos.

The show was fantastic, and the avatars looked completely real. I think that I was expecting it to be different, but it was like a normal large concert with the people on the stage and large video screens showing the action at either side of the stage.

I think that I was expecting the avatars to be fifteen feet tall or something, but this was probably better.

The lighting and special effects were brilliant too, and by the end everyone was up on their feet swaying along to Dancing Queen.

Apart from Darren who had to keep up with the pretence that he doesn't like Abba.

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