Friday 13 October 2017

Mirage in the desert

On the drive back from Abu Simbel we stopped in the desert to look at what looked like a large lake in the distance.
Actually it turned out to be a mirage!
It had both of us fooled and if we had been lost and dying of thirst, then we definitely would have raced towards it.
Apparently it is caused by the sun's rays being reflected off the sand, but it even had reflections of the far bank in it.
Fortunately though we made it safely back to the boat, and went to visit Esna temple this morning.
It had been buried under metres of sand for many centuries and is now located in a deep hole beneath the surrounding city in Esna.
Very interesting visit and then we had to run the gauntlet of the shop keepers on the way back to the boat.
I made the mistake of being interested in a dress and the price came down from £40 to £2. By that time though I so keen to escape his aggressive sales technique that I ended up not buying it. 

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