Friday 6 October 2017

Quad biking and camel riding

Quiet, package holiday style day yesterday - Mega Safari today.
This was the title of our day trip and it really was never ending.
It started and ended with a terrifying jeep ride along the local roads and then up into the desert. The driver was constantly on the phone, drove at high speed and had no regard for our safety as we bounced along in the cramped rear with no seat belts. However, we made it, although I am not keen on booking any more trips with them.
Once started though the day was great and we also had little regard for our own safety.
We charged over the sand on quad bikes in our headscarves and glasses, although Mr A was faster and overtook me easily.
We also went on a camel ride at a Bedouin camp and tried the hookah pipe. I had great trouble getting any smoke out of it and am not going to take up smoking, which is probably a good thing. 
We also watched a belly dancer and whirling dervish and then viewed the moon through a telescope. 

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