Tuesday 17 October 2017

Back on the coast

We drove back from Luxor to Hurghada yesterday, and today we walked to the end of the pier at the hotel next door to go snorkeling.
It was very windy and the sea was a bit rough, but there was loads of fish. I also saw two large sting rays swimming underneath me which was a bit disconcerting. 
I had a bit of trouble with my mask, so Mr A let me use his brand new, fancy full face one. It was a revelation, miles better than the old design with a much wider view and no need to bite on to the snorkel bit.
He is being very nice to me though and I think that he is going to let me use it next time too.
We also saw more rays, this time lazing about in ankle deep water really close to the pier and the beach, but I am guessing that they would swim away before anyone trod on them by mistake. 

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