Friday 25 October 2019

View through the square window

Here is the view through the square window. This is a sort of reference to Playschool from many years ago, but I can't remember exactly how it went. We don't have a round window, but I hear that one of our future neighbours will do.
And I am sure that there will be an arch somewhere nearby.

It promises to be a nice view on a better day.
I missed all of the action today because I took an overnight trip home.
Good progress was made without me and a new wall has appeared.

The trouble is that we have lots of windows and gaps for doors including a garage so what is happening is that we have the outside walls appearing, but they aren't tied together.
Next week Trevor will be putting in the internal blocks so it will become a bit more stable, and then it will all firm up when the floor joists go in.
It's forecast to be windy and rainy over the weekend, so we have tied it all down and hope it's okay.

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