Saturday 18 May 2024

Delft and Stayokay hostel

It's Saturday today and we initially came to Holland to do a parkrun course starting with a Z, but we were warned that if too many people turned up at the same place with the same idea, then it might have to be cancelled.

So instead of risking it, we ran at a lovely course within walking distance of our hotel.

Afterwards we checked out of our hotel and had another great cycle ride back to Rotterdam.

This was where things began to get 'interesting'. 

About six years ago we did a similar cycle ride and went to see a very famous architect designed housing estate where the buildings are upside down.

We were very taken with it and thought what fun it would be to someday stay in one of them.

So here we are, and this is our room.

Well, it's surprising how wrong we can sometimes be!! It's not fun, it's weird and uncomfortable and with a massive pillar in the middle of the room!

The floor space is very small and the walls go outwards at a 45 degree angle. The ceiling is massive, but you can't put furniture up there, and the windows face downwards so let in very little light.

It also has a spare set of bunk beds and no telly.

It's in the great central location though, and there is a bar in a weird shaped room downstairs.

There is also a fantastic building across the road. It is shaped like a massive tunnel and this is the ceiling.

Each of the black squares are windows to rooms at unusual angles. It makes me wonder what it might be like to stay there, but on second thoughts I don't think that we need to find out.

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